Real Demonstration Facilities

Real Demonstration Facilities

1.Msida Bastion Garden (La Valletta Malta)

Msida bastion garden served as a protestant cemetery from 1806-1856. It was restored in 2002. The majority of the property is a garden/cemetery. At the top of the property, which sits on the Floriana bastions, is a large room which is currently used as a display area but will be converted in the future to a tea room/museum. The accessibility is very narrow being in the garden numerous remains. Based on the resulting energy demands and probable mismatch between heating and cooling demands (warm climate) a hybrid two-source low temperature heat pump (Task 3.5) will be installed here.

2.UNESCO Historical building (Ferrara, City of the Renaissance, and its Po Delta)

The ‘Angel’s Gate’ building is a historical building in which the medium sized hybrid dual source high temperature heat pump developed will be installed. The building is located within the core area of the World Heritage property “Ferrara, City of the Renaissance, and its Po Delta”, in a mild warm climate. The building is also protected under the national cultural heritage legislation, under the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, and especially of the Ministry’s local offices (Soprintendenza) in charge with monitoring compliance with the national legislation.

The Angel’s Gate is a remarkable example of fortified heritage, associated with Ferrara’s defensive walls built in 1525 and designed by the renowned renaissance architect Biagio Rossetti. Conceived as a watchtower, it commands a special view to the walls of the town and to the surrounding landscape, which remained exceptionally well preserved for hundreds years. The building frequently hosts expositions and meetings organized by local authorities, and it is equipped with an old, inadequate heating system without cooling. Working in close cooperation with the City’s department for Urbanism and Urban Regeneration, GEO4CIVHIC will turn this iconic element of the city’s urban landscape into a more accessible, sustainable and comfortable site for visitors, while preserving its historical features and characteristics.

3.Residential House Battelse Bergengn 32 2800 Battel

This real case is a residential building in a mild cold climate. In this case the building is a two-story detached existing building which will be retrofitted by means of insulating the walls and roof and replacement of the windows. The first estimations lead to circa 8 kW as power to be installed after the refurbishment. In the ground floor radiators are present (which will be left) while on the first floor a radiant system will be installed. Hence the two temperature levels (single source) heat pump studied in will be installed and tested.

4.Residential HouseGreystones, Co.(Wicklow, Ireland)

The building dates back to the 1890’s. The building was extended about 15 years ago to a total floor area of 165m2 with the inclusion of a new kitchen. The windows are largely single glaze and there is floor insulation in the kitchen and living room. There is no insulation in the walls apart from the kitchen. The attic insulation was upgraded last year. The bungalow is currently heated using gas fired central heating and freestanding radiators. Further renovations are planned including the improvement of insulation in the floors and the introduction of a 12kW heat pump. The emitters will be kept running at medium/high temperature after the retrofit, therefore a one source high temperature heat pump will be installed and tested.