Pilot facilities

Pilot facilities

GEO4CIVHIC Project maintains 3 pilot facilities in existing infrastructure, to check and validate the adapted well point technology, a novel high conductive plastic co-axial GSHE, two very shallow heat exchanger solution, the plug and play heat pump and the optimized controls.

Pilot facility No. 1 – CNR Research Area of Padua (Italy)

This one floor house of 65 m2 has 4 main rooms and sanitary facilities. It is available to test building materials and HVAC systems in a controlled situation. A devoted and complete monitoring system will permit to evaluate the accurate efficiency of the innovations for every innovation and synergically.

Pilot facility No. 2 – TECNALIA (Bilbao, Spain)

KUBIK is a singular building for R&D&I focused on the development of new concepts, products and services for the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings. In other words, for Configuration of Zero Energy Buildings. Its uniqueness lies in its ability for generating realistic scenarios on which to research energy efficiency resulting from the integration of constructive solutions, air conditioning and lighting systems and energy supply from conventional and renewable energies.

Pilot facility No. 3 – UPV (Valencia, Spain)

Geothermal Heat Exchangers Test Site is a facility to perform monitored thermal response tests within the UPV Campus. This installation allows to generate a planned thermal load (heating or cooling) by means of a heat pump with a 3-way valve that modulates and controls the injected heat rate. Subsequently, the logged thermal behavior is compared with mathematical models to obtain the main thermal parameters of the experimental borehole heat exchangers.