Webinars & Networking events

We successfully concluded two insightful Webinars & Networking events, organized by PIETRE EDIL in collaboration with RGS, designed for architects, real estate developers, GSHP specialists, and policy makers!

Webinar&Networking Event 1:

🗓️ 14th July
📍 Bucharest, Strada Slanic, 2

🔎 Agenda:
🔹 GSHP Technology: Unveiling the potential of Geoexchange systems
🔹 GSHP Limitations: Addressing challenges and overcoming barriers
🔹 Best Practices for Local Authorities: Driving sustainable policies and implementations

Webinar&Networking Event 2:

🗓️ 17th July
📍 Bucharest, Strada Slanic, 2

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants who joined us for these informative and engaging Webinars & Networking sessions. These events provided valuable insights into GSHP technology, explored its limitations, and shared best practices for local authorities, while fostering connections and networking opportunities among industry professionals.

Stay tuned for future events and updates on GSHP technology, sustainable architecture, and renewable energy solutions. Let’s continue to connect, collaborate, and shape a greener and more sustainable future together!