RHC 2023

RHC (Renewable Heating & Cooling) organised: “100%RHC Event- Towards 100% renewable energy-based heating and cooling in Europe: A secure energy supply in time of crisis”

May 25th, 2023– Torino  (Italy) 09:00 – 17:30 CET

Adriana Bernardi (CNR-ISAC) and Luc Pockelé (RED srl) were present.

A presentation of the poster of GEO4CIVHIC (www.geo4civhic.eu) was done by Adriana Bernardi and a lecture “ Unleasing the Heat from the Earth: How Geothermal Energy Paves the Way for 100% Renewable Heating and Cooling” was performed by Luc Pockelé where the activity inside EGEC ncluding the European projects (GEO4CIVHIC included) was described as well as the past and future figures of the use of geothermal source.

Networking was performed with other projects (SENERGY NETS, SHAREs, HYPERGRYD, SHIP2FAIR, TS2, …) present at the conference when exchanges of information and possible future collaborations were discussed.