3rd Review Meeting, Bruxelles

On the 19th of January, in Bruxelles, took place the 3rd Review Meeting in GEO4CIVHIC project (April 2018 – November 2023). The participants were:  Clara ASTUDILLO-LLORENTE – CINEA Project Officer, the Project Coordinator Adriana Bernardi and the WPs  leaders.

The coordinator and the WP leaders presented the WP1 – WP9 research accomplishments for the 3rd reporting period of time, for the whole projects and the activity plan in 2024 – 2026 in exploitation of project research results, dissemination and European Centers of Excellence activity.

At the end of the Review Meeting, the CINEA PO complimented the entire consortium for the excellent results obtained. Furthermore, she informed us that the commission is proud of our achievements and that GEO4CIVHIC is considered within the commission to be a successful project!